The Class of 1969

A Medical Novel

by Henry Rex Greene



Max and Jan King enter medical school in 1965 and begin a journey through the challenges of medical education and the temptations of the controversies of the time: civil rights and the anti-war movement.


They struggle with a difficult and abusive medical school experience. At the same time they participate in many of the iconic events of the time. They attend the Century City demonstration and subsequently the demonstrations at the Chicago Democratic convention of 1968, bearing witness to the struggles of the anti-war movement.


Max spends time in Haight-Ashbury, tours the drug rehabilitation world of the sixties and meets some celebrity addicts, witnessing the beginnings of the futile War on Drugs. Having brought his activist attitudes with him to school he nearly is expelled from on several occasions.


Will these two medical students reach their goal of becoming physicians? Or will their environment be their greatest test?